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About Us

Hari Bandhu Hospitals PVT. LTD. & Trauma Centre, Varanasi is a Multi Specialty Hospital aimed at bringing healthcare of International standards. We are dedicated to become one of the finest medical destinations for all levels of people around India.

We will strive to achieve this by bringing in professional expertise and treatment facilities of International standards at an affordable cost and by meeting the ever evolving needs and expectations of our customers with continuous improvement in quality.

I would like to thank you for showing your interest in Hari Bandhu Hospitals PVT. LTD. And I expect that our services would have definitely help you to have an absolute different experience. At Hari Bandhu Hospitals PVT. LTD. we don’t just cure diseases but also create a good relation with people we cure.  

Since the foundation of Hari Bandhu Hospitals PVT. LTD.,we are continuously improving our infrastructure and technology to meet all the latest global  parameters and thousand of personal and corporate relationships. 

All the facilities available at Hari Bandhu Hospitals PVT. LTD. is maintained and operated by fully qualified and well trained team members to do our best to give good medical, surgical and nursing care and advice to each of our patients in an ethical atmosphere of compassion and care . 

Hari Bandhu Hospitals PVT. LTD. & Trauma Centre was created by an exceptional physician who could not find the ideal environment for healthcare in India. And today Hari Bandhu Hospitals PVT. LTD. is a leading Multi Specialty Hospital.

Dr. S. N. Yadav

M. Ch.(Ortho.)

Founder and Chairman






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